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ABOUT ...  Bootsyano currently has 8 mixtapes under Lil Bootsy alias and released his 1st album as Bootsyano in January of 2016 labeled FullSpeed. After starting his own label after high school with close friend Terrell Totten aka T-Hittz, Bootsyano is now affiliated with Allen and Associates Ent. Management under Frost The CEO. Bootsyano has opened up for Artist Like E-40, Lil Flip, Crooked I and several others also has built and developed friendships with many major artist in the industry and even was blessed to be in the Studio with Dr. Dre. Having performed infront of numberous crowds and people from all over the world at events such as the LA Web Fest Awards, Bootsyano’s music has also paved its way onto BET Centric’s tv show Beauty and the Baller. Currently living in San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles he is making a name for himself in the music industry and plans to continue his growth and success throughout the next years to come. With his unique westcoast sound rapper Bootsyano formerly known as Lil Bootsy is ready to change the rap game. Born and raised in San Diego rapper Bootsyano grew up on the high crime streets of East San Diego, also known as “East Dago”. At 11 years old starting off his music with his uncle Lil Cs is when his passion for rapping really started to take full effect. Growing up in the inner city area where gang violence was at an utmost high, Bootsyano used music as therapy releasing inner emotions to deal with the streets. Being raised by his mother, with her talent for writing poetry, also influenced his ability to write music. With his Step Fathers help in showing him the values of being a man helped lead the way on and off the football field and in accomplishing a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies from South East Missouri State University. Bootsyano’s Father Daryl Gist Sr. aka Bootsy was released from Federal Prison when he was 10yrs old and through his positive transition has impacted and supported his music tremendously.
Bootsyano - First Quarter FIRST QUARTER
Bootsyano ft Wiz Khalifa - Blu Strips BLU STRIPS
Bootsyano - Concrete Podium CONCRETE PODIUM
Bootsyano - No Snakes NO SNAKES
Bootsyano - I don't reallly kno - feat Exusdus and Young Pro I DON'T REALLY KNO
Bootsyano - Sauce - feat Demay & Treez SAUCE
Bootsyano - Full Speed FULL SPEED
Bootsyano - A Million Ways - feat Young Pro A million WAYS
Bootsyano - Runner - feat Exusdus RUNNER
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